Come Back To Now

In honor of your mental health

Save yourself

Be your mom

Be your dad

Be everything

You wished you had

You couldn’t sleep

Not even a wink

For an entire week

You closed your eyes

& saw those faces

Mind always taking you

To distant places

Your heart beating

In your stomach

Focus on your hands

Come back to now

Try not to leave

It’s hard anyhow

But always remember

Nothing is permanent

Nothing is impossible

Your mind will stay

Not now, but one day

Well I Guess

growing up is only fun in retrospect. 

Remember, conformity is only the enemy when it’s useless.

You are an animal, not a robot. 

Do not forget.

Ode to Livejournal

You were my home

away from home

in other peoples homes

in the library

in my own home eventually

archive of my secrets

collection of my thoughts

ever wanted to see my skeleton?

just read

Just Like A Painting

I do not find it annoying when I hear about your horror story.

Unless you are obnoxious about it by interrupting someone else’s story.

then it becomes this terrible game

of “you have no excuse to feel that way!

I went through it too.”

That’s forgetting that we all have varying circumstances

that color our perceptions bold in certain places.

Just like a painting,

these patterns of bold and light

begin to cast shadows of their own.

We all live in our own movies. 

One Liner

I’ll clear my head with 96 crayons and a liqueur cabinet.


Jokes On You

You say I’m too selfless

And stiflingly jealous

I just need to care less

But you were naive in 

Thinking you were everything 

it has been a while since I last posted

I’m very sorry. Inspiration, where are you?

Character sketch: Autumn

 Autumn is the time of year when the fourth generation of Monarch butterflies is born – egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult butterfly. The adult butterflies migrate south for the winter, but this was an entirely different Autumn. She wasn’t heading south. She was only heading upwards.

This was Autumn Berkshire. There were only two caterpillars, two never-changing, fixed caterpillars (except when she was stricken with surprise, naturally). These two insects lived right on her face, right above those two piercing green eyes. Most of the time, the intensity of her eyes stole the stage from her massive eyebrows and other various imperfections. The candy-apple redness of her lipstick did nothing but add animation to the masterpiece that was her face. Freckles danced eloquently upon her nose and onto her cheeks, completely in-sync with time and space. Her pasty-white skin contrasted with her bright features; for this she was lucky. Autumn lived in a world, unfortunately, where beauty dictated the ease in which one walked through life.

For Autumn, life was only easy when she was happy. It took her twenty years to figure this out, but it still plagued her. “Why is it that people are nicer when I am happy, calm and look my best?” she wondered. It was a strange phenomenon that behavior was so easily swayed by such trivial matters. The truth is, we need other people in life. As human beings, we long for the comfort of those we love and trust. What is life without friends you love and a family you eventually learn to accept? Sucky.

“Why can’t we all just be nice? Even if we don’t want to sleep with someone, why can’t we be kind?” These are questions that have been asked many times before, this is nothing new, Autumn isn’t special in any way for wondering these things.

To only focus on those eye-brows, one could concoct that she was a beast, a down-right animal. However, subjecting one’s eyes to the whole package, eye-brows and all, stunning and other adjectives of that nature come to mind. She may have been the only girl in the entire history of human existence with monstrous eye-brows with capabilities to arouse jealousy of even the Paris Hilton clones in her little suburban high school.

The clones would snicker and stare. “I just can’t win” she thought to herself while still burdened by the gloomy walls of Lalaland High School. 

dear future lover of mine

there isn’t a poetic bone in my body

am I magical mystical? 

do you mind the cut on my finger?

its been there all day long

did you know I go to bed at night?

I thought you were someone else once

I thought someone else was him too

sometimes we re-create the past

in attempt to create a better, revised future

only to be sorely disappointed

so lets not get our hopes up

let’s open our imaginations a bit

no reply to my funny text?

maybe your hitchhiking uncle was hurt

you had to be there for your mom

I’m still a funny person

Oh, you’ve noticed I’m not listening?

maybe I’m “just like that” sometimes…

you’re definitely not boring

let’s assume the best in each other

I am hilarious

and you are better than any book on my shelf

I love you

fuck coffee tables

It’s a constant battle

between the corners

and I

they’re winning

you can see it on my legs

purple and blue

hurt and bruised

just like my heart