Come Back To Now

In honor of your mental health

Save yourself

Be your mom

Be your dad

Be everything

You wished you had

You couldn’t sleep

Not even a wink

For an entire week

You closed your eyes

& saw those faces

Mind always taking you

To distant places

Your heart beating

In your stomach

Focus on your hands

Come back to now

Try not to leave

It’s hard anyhow

But always remember

Nothing is permanent

Nothing is impossible

Your mind will stay

Not now, but one day

Jokes On You

You say I’m too selfless

And stiflingly jealous

I just need to care less

But you were naive in 

Thinking you were everything 

aquarius gold

It makes me happy

To see you happy

That’s why I throw my gold at you

My Aquarius gold

At you

no more fists

Pride’s opposite,
which it cannot exist without
is equally as painful
as the happiness it brings about

If we could all just learn to coexist
then maybe
just maybe
there’d be no more fists

Forget the word ‘enemy’
Remember those you call your friends
There will be no more fighting
This doesn’t have to be the end

If it wasn’t for the beauty
in each and every one
how else would there be so many
made and born under this warm bright sun

If we could all just learn to coexist
then maybe
just maybe
there’d be no more fists

Forget my looks
look past my beliefs
I am a nice person
there’s so much more behind my teeth

Call this generic
Call me a bore
I found a flow
I’ll keep writing more

please, I like it loud

crystal spikes 

along my lung lining

tells me I’ve had enough for tonight

skin is weird 

it doesn’t have a brain

but it still behaves

crystal spikes

slice by slice

down my chest

I’ve had enough for tonight

rest my head

until it’s clear

crystals on my mind



my playground

when I’m with you, the world is my playground
and now that I’m uninhibitedly with you,
so is your heart.

my inner child surfaces when you’re near.
the fearless innocence and optimism we all once had
is once again mine.
it’s not something you can take away,
it’s just something you give.

once again there is meaning in ‘little things’
that was previously hidden by a veil of heartbreak and terror.
I don’t know how much of my change is due to you,
and I don’t want to find out;

I’m just happy.

You’re helping me.